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A Baptist is one who believes in a supernatural Bible, which tells of a supernatural Christ, Who had a supernatural birth, Who spoke supernatural words, Who performed supernatural miracles, Who lived a supernatural life, Who died a supernatural death, Who rose in supernatural glory to establish a supernatural kingdom on the earth.
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Ministry History
Missionary Questionnaire

1. Name: Rick & Joy Kelley

2. Salvation experience of all members of your family:

I was saved at the age of 16, in October of 1971 in Phoenix, AZ. I was feeling hopeless and depressed, and had made the decision on the way home from school to kill myself with a pistol that my step-father had. On the way home, there was a man selling flowers on the street, and he witnessed to me about Jesus and told me that I needed to be saved. I went to a Christian coffeehouse the next night, and there a young lady showed me in the Bible how to be saved. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, and He changed my life.

I was saved at First Baptist Church of Attica, IN, at the age of 15. My sister had gotten me started going to church with her when she moved from Missouri to Indiana. It took me three Sundays to have the courage to go forward during the invitation to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Finally, I got brave enough to do it, and my life was changed forever, thank God!

3. Calling of Service:
We were called to the mission field while in the military in Colorado Springs at First Baptist Church of Peaceful Valley. Bro. Onsy Whicker was preaching a mission conference, and the Lord touched our hearts, and we surrendered to be missionaries to the US Military.

4. Bible College Training
I went to Hopkinsville School of the Bible (Kentucky) while in the Army and stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, for one year. Then our sending church in Colorado Springs (above mentioned) had a Bible college,which I attended for 2 years. I have since that time worked on and received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, LA. I also recently (May 2009) received my Master of Divinity Degree from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.

My wife, Joy, has her Bachelor's in Christian Education, and has her Master's in Psychology/Counseling.

5. Please explain how your field was decided upon:
I spent 10 years in the US Army, and, having spent three of those years overseas in Germany, we knew the need for there to be Baptist churches outside military bases overseas.

6. Is your entire family 100% behind your ministry?
Yes, they are behind us, but sad that we have to be so far away. Some don't understand missions very well.

7. How long have you been a missionary?
We've been missionaries since 1984.

8. Name your previous fields, if any:
We spent 8 ½ years in Germany working with the military, (1985-1994) and 12 ½ years in Korea with the military (1995-2007).

9. How long have you been on your present field?
We arrived on the island of Guam August 5, 2008 - .

10. If you are not on the field yet, what is your projected departure date?
Already on the field.

11. Please tell of the results God has given you this year.
During 2009, we saw 259 souls saved, bringing the total saved since our arrival on Guam to 330.

12. Particular projects under way:
I am currently the chaplain for the Guam National Guard, and missionary/pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Chalan Pago. My wife and I are focused on winning souls, getting them into church and training them to reach their friends and family for the Lord.

13. Your goals for the next few years and a summary of how you seek to achieve them with the Lord’s help:
Our plans (and hopefully the Lord's) are to continue ministering to the Guam National Guard as their chaplain, and pastoring Temple Baptist Church. Our desire is to have a strong soul-winning church for all the military personnel and their families on the island of Guam.

14. Special prayer requests you currently have:
No particular needs right now, other than prayer for us to be effective in our soulwinning efforts.

15. Do you believe in the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures?

16. What English translation of the Bible do you use?
The King James Bible is the only Bible we use for preaching and also in private studies.

17. Do you believe in the virgin birth of Christ, His Deity, sinless life, vicarious death, bodily resurrection, bodily and imminent return to the earth?

18. Do you believe in the pre-tribulation and pre-millennial coming of Jesus Christ?

19. Give the main four or five salvation Scriptures you would use to show someone how to be saved:We use Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9-13, and Revelation 3:20. Also John 3:1-7.

20. Do you practice personal separation from drinking alcohol as a beverage, the use of tobacco, gambling, and the cooperation in religious work with those who do not believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired Word of God and doubt the deity of Christ and His virgin birth?
Yes, we practice personal separation from drinking alcohol as a beverage, using tobacco, gambling, and other questionable activities, and we do not have fellowship with those who do not believe the Bible is verbally inspired and who doubt the deity of Christ and His virgin birth.

21. In what local church do you hold membership?
New Life Baptist Church, Willard, MO

22. What ministries are you/were you involved in at this church?
This is our sending church.

23. How often do you go out soul-winning? (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Seldom, Never)
We try to soul-win daily in our lives. We witness to as many people as we come into contact with. If we can't talk to them about salvation, we at least give them a gospel tract. Our churches always have visitation and soulwinning weekly.

24. Do you dress in modest, God-honoring apparel?
Yes, we do.

25. Where is your sending church?
New Life Baptist Church, Willard, Missouri - 417-742-3951

New Life Baptist Church, Willard, Missouri - 417-742-3951


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